Espiritu Santo - Vanuatu, 16 September to 1 October 2007.

Yes, it was time for me to go back to dive the S.S. President Coolidge - again. And since Prodive Brisbane were organising the trip, I thought "Yeah, why not?"

John and Kate were the tour leaders and Helen, Melinda, Brett, Rob and myself went. Also, John and Kate's 2 daughters, Abby and Zoe came along. Once we got to Santo, we checked into the Coral Quays Fish and Dive Resort. On the Monday, Gary from Allan Powers Dive Tours came around to check our certification cards and to go for our first dive.

The dive that I did on this trip were as follows (only lines with links have photos of the dives):

17/9 Promenade 37m 45min & The Lady 40m 40min
18/9 Engine Room 47m 42min & Cargo Holds 1 & 2 30m 38min
19/9 Swimming Pool 60m 57min & Mystery Tour
20/9 Blue Hole 11m 22min & night dive 42m 45min
21/9 Cargo Hold 6 & 7 60m 76min & Medical Supplies 35m 59min
22/9 The Stern 66.8m 59min & Million Dollar Point 37m 43min
23/9 Rob's Mystery Tour 41m 47min & last coffee bun for most of the group

On the 24th, John, Kate, Abby, Zoe, Melinda, Helen, Brett and Rob headed back to Australia. I moved up to the Deco Stop Lodge for another week. I also started diving with Justin from Deep here in Brisbane. I also did not take my camera as much as I did earlier.

My dives continued:

25/9 Promenade 39m 45min & Medical Supplies 31m 50min
26/9 Engine Room 45m 52min & The Lady 41m 38min and Kava night.
27/9 The Stern 68.3m 60min & Night Dive 28m 26min - I guided
28/9 Mast (aborted) 38m 15min & Mystery Tour (search and rescue) 38m 74min - LOTS of Deco
29/9 Swimming Pool 55m 50min & Cathie's Mystery Tour 43m 40min
30/9 The Gauntlet 60m 75min - 36min deco & Million Dollar Point 34m 32min - I guided 3 others

25 dives in 13 days. No wonder I'm exhausted. I have a text file here with just the dive details.

On this trip, I met quite a few people. I have a few pictures of them here.

As always, I had a fantastic trip. MANY more photos than I have put up here. Just too tired to put them all up.

Until my next trip. Tanku Tumas.


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