20 September 2007. Blue Holes & Night Dive.

The Blue Holes are an interesting set of crystal clear water holes. On the way there, Luke stopped off for us to view the wreck of a plane that was crash landed during the war.

You can see by the amount of damage to this part of the engine that trees are not going to soften the crash.

The tail of the plane. Almost unrecognizable as part of any aircraft.

The fresh water of the Blue Holes are very cool and refreshing. It took our tour guide about an hour to drive us to the holes. But the view was worth the wait.

The water is very still.

You can see why they are called "Blue Holes".

A view from the bottom looking up.

As there was 7 of us divers, we only took along 3 tanks. This gave us about a half of a tank each. At 11 meters, a full tank would last all day anyway.

On the way back to Luganville, we stopped atop a hill to view the remains of the old hospital that was located there during the war. Not much left but a few foundations and a fantastic view.

I wonder if the injured stayed injured to enjoy the view. Actually, the site may have been chosen as the view would be aesthetically pleasing and my have helped the healing process.

One of the foundations of the hospital.

The road leading to another section of the grounds.

Once again, no night dive pictures.


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