30 September 2007. The Gauntlet and Million Dollar Point.

The Gauntlet is a dive where you enter Cargo Hold 6 and do not see the outside of the ship until you get to the Chain Locker at the bow. This basically means that you dive the entire length of the ship, from stern to bow, all on the inside. It is a good challenging dive. You swim out to the last buoy and drop to the No 6 Cargo Hold. This conserves air and gives you maximum air for the dive. I started this dive with 236 bar and ended 75 minutes later with 30 bar and not once did I use a pony bottle. Mind you, 36 minutes of that was deco stops along the way. No camera for this dive as you need both hands free.

As I left the great ship for the last time, Justin and I paid our respects to her at the bow with a soft hand. As I was moving up the rope to the deco stops, I bid her farewell, the same as I did last year.

The afternoon dive was on Million Dollar Point. I guided Jack, Steven and Justin around this time.

A forklift. Reminds me of the days when I used to drive them.

Yep. That's Justin again!


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