23 September. Rob's Mystery Tour last coffee bun for most of the group.

Rob and I went on a mystery tour. No guide, just us. A nice 41 meter tour for 47 minutes.

I have no idea what was in this jar. Interesting shape, how would it stand upright?

I wonder who should change the light bulbs?

Toilets which seem to hang off the ceiling. Remember, the ship lies on her port side. So anything on the walls then, is now on the ceiling.


The last coffee bun for the Pro Dive Brisbane trip.

Going clockwise starting with the guy with his back to the camera - John, Brett, Melinda, Abby, Janelle (standing), Kate, Rob, Allan and Helen.

All of us with Gary and Tula, our guides.

Gary's group.

Tula's group.

A group of their own.

And there's one in every crowd!

As this was the last dive for the Pro Dive Brisbane group, I had a break with them. Once they departed, I started diving again, this time with Justin from Deep Scuba Centre in Woolloongabba here in Brisbane.

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