17 September 2007. The Promenade and The Lady.

As always, the first dive of any big trip is a "check out" dive. This is just to ensure that your dive gear is working fine and it also gives the dive guides a chance to ensure you are OK with your diving. So, the first dive was on the Promenade, a mere 37 meters and 45 minutes. Nice shallow check out dive.

Rob and Brett drifting over debris.

Traditionally, after every morning dive, all the divers are invited back to Allan's house for Coffee and warm buns.

Kate and John with Zoe and Abby (in the hat).

Melinda, Helen and Rob discussing the Coolidge.

Our afternoon dive was to "The Lady".

The lady resides in approximately 40 meters of water inside the ship. Accessible to all divers.

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