18 September 2007. Engine Room and Night Dive.

The Engine Room of the Coolidge has a rather large hole cut into the side of the ship to allow access for salvage operations. Some of the gauges still show their final status.

Steam gauge still shows about 25 PSI still in the lines.

One of the ships 2 telegraphs in the engine room. Still showing the last command received. Can not see the command due to the sediment.

At the safety stop, I played around with the Macro settings on my camera. This little hermit crab seemed to pose for me.

I did not take the camera for the night dive. No point, can't photograph anything in the cargo holds as the dive is to see the Flashlight fish that thrive in there. All you can see is the lights under their eyes light up for a couple of seconds and then go out. Sounds "so so". But when you have hundreds, maybe thousands of them, the sight is breath taking.


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