Casper's 2010 USA Holiday

July 25 to August 19


It really was a well planned holiday. I had my bookings all paid for 4 months before I was due to depart. The plan was to fly into the USA through San Francisco and venture onwards to Orlando and pick up my hire car. From there, I would drive to Akron, Ohio, stay with Paul, Rhonda and the kids, see the rest of the family then head to New York to see Kealani and Daniel. From there, I knew I had to be back in Florida on the 18th to catch my plane back to Australia. If I had a chance, I was hoping to get to Salem in Massachusetts to visit some of the Salem Witch Trials (1692) sites. I didn't know if I would have the time, but I was hoping I could get there. Anyway, that was the plan..

So how did I go...

Read on and find out :)


San Francisco, Florida and Ohio


New York, Amityville and Boston




Florida and home.

My heart felt thanks go out to friends and family who put me up while I was over there. Paul, Rhonda, Ashlea and Joshua in Akron. Kealani and Daniel in New York. Of course, my holiday would not have been the success it was if it were not for all of the following family and friends.

Tina (FL)

Owen (FL)

Aunt Elizabeth (OH)

Aunt Barbara (OH)

Rick (OH)

Vicki (OH)

Julie (OH)

Ruth (OH)

Lorrie (OH)

Shayne (FL)



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