New York, Amityville and Boston.

It was about a 9 hour drive from Akron to the city of New York. $13 in tolls once I got there.. Lucky I had plenty of cash on me. I stayed with Kealani and Daniel.

Kea works from home sometimes using Daniels computer,

while Daniel is stuck using his IPad for Internet access.

But mostly, New York was my chance to go to Ground Zero. To try to imagine what it must have been like on that day in 2001.

From a walkway, you can see the building going on where the Twin Towers once stood proud.

When the cranes are not swinging around, they display the US flag as a show of unity.

St Pauls Chapel. Built in 1766, this little chapel is right across the road from Ground Zero. A story I heard was that on the day, this little chapel was mostly untouched by the events that unfolded that day. Alot of debris, but very little damage.

The steeple of St Pauls Chapel.

The inside of the Chapel. The Chapel is a tourist attraction. In the couple of hours I spent here alone, there must have been a thousand visitors.

A fireman's coat and boots on a pew in the chapel. A stark reminder.

I sat alongside the Chapel on one of the many benches there. The serenity of a place of worship is beautiful. In the middle of New York City, I sat there and almost felt like I was a million miles away. As I looked up, right where this photo is looking, right there, on September 11, 2001 was a vision of absolute horror. I can not even begin to imagine what happened on that day, not do I really want to. I looked up at this area for what must have been 15 minutes. WOW.


After 4 days in New York, I decided that I did have time to go to Salem in Massachusetts. But, it was only about a 4 hour drive, so I drove past 112 Ocean Ave, Amityville.

 This is the "Amityville Horror" house. It has changed a bit over the years. The house was recently for sale and even advertised as the "Amityville House" in it's advertisement. Interesting to note though, this house has 108 on the door, when all literature and news articles say the house was at 112. But the house at 112 is a totally different style of house.

My ONLY reason for going to Boston, and this is a bit lame.. OK, VERY lame, is to see this building. Recognize it? If you watch the TV show Boston Legal, with James Spader and William Shatner, this is the building that the Crane, Poole and Schmidt is based in. OK, I know that there is NO company of lawyers by that name in this building, but since I love the show, I just thought I'd visit the building.


From there, I headed to Salem.

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