Back to Florida and the end of my holiday.

On my way back to Florida, I stopped over at Mew Market in Virginia. Then a BIG day of driving from there to Fort Walton Beach in Florida to stay with a mate Shane for a day or so. As soon as I got to Shane's, he corrupted me by taking me to Hooters for dinner. Shame on him... ;)

But of course I couldn't say no to a photo opportunity with these girls. ;) The cutie in the middle, No, not me, the other cutie in the middle, Susan, was our waitress for the night. I didn't even get the names of the other cuties here.. Well, I know MY name.... The next night, we went to a seafood restaurant. We paid like next to nothing for a huge bowl of seafood. We barely ate it all.

DAMN! How do these pics of this great car, which just happens to be the car I drove for 23 days and did over 4500 miles (7240 kilometres). Now that I think about it, that is ALOT of driving! Didn't seem that far at the time.

Shane. He is a good bloke. Had a great time at his place. I hope I get a chance to catch up again with him next time I am back there. Will spend more time next time too. Was just running out of time on this trip.

My last leg of the drive was back to Titusville. And of course, where did I go?

Yeah yeah.. OK. It was there, HAD to be gone to :)

Once again at the Launch Pad 39 Complex Observation Gantry. No Shuttles were on either pad this time. The launch that I went to see was postponed until at least November, and as of this writing (11/2/2011), this launch still has not gone. Maybe if it is postponed long enough, I might get to see it after all.. Here's hoping, in a way...

On my last full day in the US, Tina and I spent the day at the

I have only been to 2 zoos in my life. Taronga (Sydney) and Alma Park (Brisbane) and neither of them were in the last 8 years. So it was a nice change of pace. Tina and I chatted, walked around and had a wonderful day.

We checked out the butterfly enclosure

The giraffe exhibit,

where I got to feed one of the male giraffe (these guys have like a 18 in tongue on them) and he even

let me pat him.

The day was topped off with a movie with Tina and her son Owen.

We saw "Grown Ups". Then, it was time to say our farewells... AGAIN.. I hate farewells... I never say "Goodbye", that is too permanent. I say "See you soon" instead.


Overall, did I have a good holiday?



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